Kirthi Kishore’s book ‘The Demon Deception’ is out now


Ten thousand years ago, the demons waged a war against the Gods to capture Amaravati. In the bloody battle that followed, the demon ranks were decimated. The few remaining demons went into hiding, waiting for an opportunity to strike back.  With the disappearance of the Gods, the demons began to stir. The demon prince, Mrutyu, set about to unite the demon races and declare a war on Prithu, an ancient forgotten realm of magic. Prithu is now on the brink of a war that they are bound to lose. In the coastal city of Vishakhapatnam, Sharath is on the verge of his sixteenth birthday when he begins to have strange nightmares. He soon learns that he is chosen to train in the academy of ancient warfare in a strange land called Prithu that teaches swordsmanship, archery, incursion and magic. Is Sharath the answer Prithu is looking for? Can he rise to be the chosen and wield the most powerful weapon known to mankind and demonkind? Or is Prithu going to crumble internally like Mrutyu has planned? What part do the ancient tribes like Gandharvas, Kinneras, Kimpurushas, Ganas, Yakshas and Nagas have to play in this all-out war?