It is every author’s dream to see your ‘labour of love’ finally see the light of the day and be printed for the very first time. It is a new high altogether with which we can easily identify. Ferntree offers top quality book printing services for authors and publishers looking to create beautiful — yet affordable — books. To achieve this Ferntree utilizes a mix of the latest and greatest state-of-the-art digital printers and traditional offset printing presses to print the books. Whether you need 100 or 2,500 printed books Ferntree possesses the expertise to handle all of your book printing needs. You can be rest assured that when you choose Ferntree your work will look fabulous!


Over the years we have seen that many an author has had to suffer low sales because the cover of the book was unable to project a favorable image about its contents. Sometimes we are more attracted by the cover of the book rather than the contents; it happens with us many times….right. So for a new author, in order to be noticed it is imperative for him/her to have a book cover that reflects the personality, feel and overall content of his work. Ferntree works closely with a team of designers who facilitate this and we work in tandem with the authors to create a book cover that is bound to generate interest and create waves in the publishing industry.


With the proliferation of iPads, Kindle, Nook , Smart phones and other eBook Readers, there has a been a tremendous demand for eBooks which is growing at a very fast pace. We at Ferntree, convert your books into the most popular eBook formats.  Besides this , we also distribute your eBook to various retailers. We also do eBook layouts and font review, graphic elements, ePub proofs, review and verification of metadata and eBook Cover Design.


We also create customized Author websites along with a built-in Blog, which are a must for every upcoming author. Besides design and content, we partner with other vendors to create SEO and online publicity campaigns. Our Social Media division creates exclusive online properties & presence for authors on various social media platforms.