You as an author should understand that sending your manuscript as per the requirements of the publisher is a must to achieve success. It is pertinent for you to choose a publisher who is interested in promoting the genre in which you have written.  Every publisher’s requirements and specialty is different than the other.  So you as an author must know as what the publisher is really looking for.

We at Ferntree, accept all kinds of submissions for publishing. We are looking for upcoming authors with stimulating, exciting and believable stories that enrapture the reader. We accept both fiction and non-fiction submissions and are hopeful to have you amongst our growing list of authors.

In order to submit your manuscript, you are requested to kindly email us the following:

  • A cover letter describing the book you have written. It should be detailed, so that it assists us in making a decision about your proposal.
  • A chapter wise breakdown of your manuscript and its estimated word count.
  • Three chapters of the book that you have written.
  • Synopsis of the book.
  • A short paragraph about the author.

Once you have everything in place, kindly email it to

Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks for our team to go through your proposal. We shall get back to you once the initial evaluation of your proposal has been done.